For over 20 years, Andrew Healey has been wowing audiences all over Australia and abroad with his smooth vocals, rhythmic playing style and eclectic collection of both original and cover music. Boasting over 60 of his own songs and an amazing 2000+ cover tracks in his repertoire, his incredible versatility and talent have made him one of Australia's most sought after boutique entertainers, available solo or in a range of great duos and bands.



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About Andrew

Multi-instrumentalist Andrew Healey has been wowing audiences all over Australia and abroad for more than 20 years. His smooth voice, rhythmic guitar style and eclectic selection of soulful original songs and huge repertoire of cover tracks have made him one of the most sought-after private and corporate entertainers in Australia. Now with 2020's Covid-19 restrictions lifting, Andrew will soon be travelling all over the country again, regularly playing as a solo act both in his rhythmic unplugged and amazing one-man-band formats, along with fronting several duos and bands including Melbourne Acoustic Duo and The Crawdaddys based in Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast-based Benandi and The Soapbox Preachers.

Andrew began singing and playing music at 11 years old, quickly graduating from school-based choirs, bands and stage shows to become of the most popular acts at many local venues and events around his native Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Having studied Music Performance and Audio Engineering, he moved to London in the beginning of 2005 and while there played several historic music venues across the UK, returning home in mid-2007 for family commitments. 

Once back in Australia, Andrew continued to expand on both his originals catalogue and his private and corporate function experience, appearing at up to 6 public shows each week while averaging around 40 private events per year (primarily weddings). At this point he was playing in several bands as a vocalist, guitarist and bass player - cover acts D'Rhythmaires, Nick Latta Unplugged, The Soapbox Preachers, HeliumBenandi and original rock outfit Madam Anarchy

Making the move to Melbourne in 2012 gave Andrew a chance to shift his priorities and while continuing to write, record and perform his original material he soon also became one of the city's busiest cover entertainers. Using live looping and digital effects to expand on his live show in both instances, he has developed his incredible "one-man-band" sound that has become a true favourite of many in the Australian music capital, however since 2016 it's his acoustic sounds that have entertained travellers aboard the Indian Pacific, Australia's awe-inspiring trans-continental train journey, where he has travelled as an entertainer on more than 50 return trips.

While playing up to 12 shows per week in peak times and averaging around 120 private bookings per year proved lucrative, it wasn't until the events of 2020 that Andrew truly had time to take stock and evolve again. The Covid-19 Pandemic saw venues closed and gatherings all but outlawed, and during Melbourne's harshest lockdown period from August to October he produced a nightly live stream which saw him broadcast more than 100 hours of music live from his living room to fans around the world, over 84 consecutive shows.