Andrew Healey becomes regular entertainer aboard the Indian Pacific

I'm excited to announce a few more trips as an entertainer aboard Great Southern Rail's INDIAN PACIFIC train. The I.P travels a 4300+km journey from Sydney to Perth via Adelaide, Broken Hill, Kalgoorlie and Cook in the middle of the awesome Nullabor Plain.

I'll be playing some intimate acoustic shows both on board the train itself and at a few select station stops:
     SYDNEY CENTRAL STATION (Platform 1/2 - I.P Guests Only)   1-2pm   Wed 1st June 2016 
     ADELAIDE KESWICK TERMINAL   6pm-8pm   Thu 2nd June 2016 
     EAST PERTH TERMINAL   8am-9pm   Sun 5th June 2016 
     ADELAIDE KESWICK TERMINAL   8am-9am Tue 7th June 2016 

I'll also be joining the train to play between 7th-13th Sept; 16th-22nd Nov, 14th-20th Dec. so visit for more details of the train and booking information so you can come and join me on a journey like no other!

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